These are some of the scary numbers that may put your life in REAL danger...


Number of people in the U.S. killed in firearms assaults each year!


the average of people dying per day in the U.S. because of home fires!


number of people killed every year by natural disasters worldwide!


Number of deaths caused each year by dogs!
These were just a couple of examples from a very long list of life threatening dangers that can put your life in jeopardy!
Unfortunately those people who find themselves in such scenarios could have increased their chances of survival, but they didn't! They missed one thing, they missed the number one rule of survival: "Know what to do, and act fast".


THE STORY OF 3 AMERICAN HEROES Who Thwarted A Paris Train Attack

Back in 2015, three Americans were in a journey in Europe, they were on a train on its way from Amsterdam to Paris when an armed man opened fire on board! His arm jammed, and the three guys without much thinking jumped on him and paralyzed him till the police arrived at the scene!
These three guys were honored by the French president Francois Holland and the American president Barack Obama for their heroic act.
They were invited as well back to Paris for the making of a movie telling their story, by Clint Eastwood. The movie is called "The 15:17 to Paris".
On the train there were around 500 passengers, but only these three guys acted! What made them so special?
Simply put, these guys were trained to react to such situation. With one is an army soldier and another a martial art pro, they knew what they have to do. They knew that in a life threatening situation you need to act fast.
And this is what the Next Survivor guide is all about! You will learn how to act to a multitude of life threatening situations so you can save yourself and others.


The Next Survivor guide is a downloadable eBook that will teach you different skills and techniques that you will use in different life threatening situations. It's based on the "know what to do, and act fast" rule.
We have made three sections inside the guide:

Basic NEEDS & Skills

These are the Things and skills any survivor MUST know and master, to mention:
-How to make the perfect first aid kit
-How to start a fire using different primitive and modern techniques
-How to collect water
-How to build a shelter in the wilderness or in the snow
-How to find directions outdoor

Survival Techniques

Some different life threatening scenarios you might find yourself in, and how to react and save yourself and save others.
-How to act with a mass shooting and save yourself
-How to escape a plane crash
-How to survive a bear attack
-How to escape a house fire
-How to survive different natural disasters

Special Skills

These are the skills that will help you a lot to survive.
-How to jump from rooftop  to rooftop
-How to stop a major bleeding
-How to track animals
-how to perform a fireman carry
-How to perfectly hide in nature

Download the Next Survivor Guide

The Next Survivor guide is an eBook that you can download instantly to any device. It requires no internet connection to use and you don't have to wait for a physical book to be shipped to you!
Part of survival is being practical, and carrying a book with you everywhere is not! Having an electronic guide installed on your phone or tablet is!
Get the Next Survivor now.

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